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Foshan City, Chancheng Luo Bo Parker automated packaging equipment factory, located in Guangdong Province, the third largest city - Foshan City, is a professional engaged in automated packaging equipment non-standard production enterprises, to help high quality packaging equipment brand OEM manufacturers, factory strong technical force, and constantly improve the market for automated packaging equipment, research and development various styles of automated packaging machinery.

Rob Parker automated packaging equipment factory main products: stretch film packaging machine, stretch film wrapping machine, pallet wrapping machine, vertical hydraulic balers, horizontal compression packing machine, automatic packing machine, packaging machine, portable electric pneumatic strip packing machine, automatic strapping machine, manual Buckle FREE belt, spring balancer, scissors heat shrink packaging machine, vacuum packing machine, hot melt machine, CNC hot melt adhesive dispensing machine, hot melt adhesive spraying machine, hot melt coating machine, hot melt glue machine, hot melt glue machine, hot melt glue machine, automatic folding cover sealing machine, I-shaped sealing machine, pneumatic nail box machine, carton box machine, automatic packing machine, automatic stacking machine, plastic film bag sealing machine, automatic weighing packing machine, automatic packing machine, counting hardware accessories packing machine, pillow packing machine Folding, automatic vertical packaging machine, labeling machine, machine, manual folding machine, laser marking machine, laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, automatic metal handheld inkjet printer, printer, pneumatic tools, portable sewing machine and automatic packing machine, automatic packaging line conveyor line.

Rob Parker automated packaging equipment factory applicable to products: household appliances, hardware accessories, electronic and electrical, communications equipment, plastic, plastic, electrical switch socket, machinery and equipment, metal products, auto parts, motorcycle, bicycle, industrial and mining enterprises, steel, wood plate, paper paper products, paper products, printing products, and sports equipment, fitness equipment, fire fighting equipment, security equipment, elevator, kitchen equipment, household appliances, cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies, lamps, tools, kitchen utensils, tableware, daily necessities, chemicals, cosmetics, food, beverage, oil, seafood, aquatic products, medicine, veterinary medicine, building materials, ceramics, sanitary ware, outdoor furniture, agricultural and sideline products, native products, tea, books and magazines, newspapers, newspaper lighters, light industry, post offices, postal mail, package Wrap, logistics, railway transportation, airport baggage, additives, frozen fruits and vegetables, bedding, textiles, garments, clothing trade pillow, carton, wooden packaging packaging industry.

Rob Parker automated packaging equipment factory main brand: ROBOPAC (Rob pike), VEB BOCEDI (bocedi), M.J.MAILLIS, MESSERSI, WELGER, LOVESHAW, imanpack, la.va, sotemapack, HENKELMAN, UES, WooshinF.A, ALIPACK, EGAOLU, YILIDA in the high road, elite Association industry, KUKA, SHRIAKFAST, and ORGAPACK Shen Yueguo research, Fiyta world, AOKEPACK, ERGOPACK, TianKuo tech, VLISI, STRAPEX, ICMI, FILLPAK, AIRPLUS, PAPERPLUS, FELINS, WEIYIDA, TAKARA, LANTECH Da Wei, BAND ALL, STRAUTMANN, RONIPAL, AIRPOUCH, USNH (Shun Hui), LABELETTE, SMB, NUEVOPAK, INTELLIPACK, TRITON, IMBALL, and linx-diagraph SPECTR ON, H.RAND, SIRPAK, TAYLOR Parker searle. We look forward to working with you! Solve the packing problem together.

Chancheng, Foshan Bo Parker automatic packaging equipment factory

Address: No. 31, No. two, Chong Ao Development Zone, Nanzhuang Village, Nanzhuang Village, Nanzhuang, Chancheng, Guangdong, Foshan

Tel: 0757-63529918 15975765952

Fax: 63529918 QQ:3123872597


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Chancheng City, Foshan rob pike automated packaging equipment factory
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